UK Navy Wife to Australian Army Wife

Kerrie, McCormack's on the Move​​

alt="McCormack family in Florida"Tell us a little about you and your family...

Scott and I met when I was only 16 and he was 17. He had just passed Raleigh, so being in a military relationship has been part of my life for 16 years! We got married at 25 and had our little boy, Dexter at 27.

What's your family's favourite way to spend time together?

With Scott and I both working full time, week days can be quite routinely. So I love looking forward to weekends, researching new places and having days out just the 3 of us. Dexter is board game obsessed, so on rainy days I've enjoyed staying home, playing a ridiculous amount of games and watching a Disney film together! We love going on holiday more than anything; in Dexter's short 5 years he's had 9 holidays abroad. It's the only time I can truly relax.

What's your top tip for getting your family through an absence (whether weekending or deployment)?

We've been lucky so far. Scott has only been away a handful of times since having Dex, and since Dex has been 3 years old, only for a couple of weeks at a time, so a countdown calendar and photos sent to Scott daily via WhatsApp has been adequate. With Scott joining the Australian Army, this will change drastically and I'll spend a lot of time alone with Dex, and he's now old enough to understand Daddy is gone. I plan to help him write letters, a scrap book of what he's been up to and I've also enjoyed filming little snippets of our days out and putting them together; I love thinking of Scott watching them when he's away.

What is the best thing about your spouse coming home?

Before Dex, Scott and I didn't spend weekdays together, and he was away for months at a time. I missed him desperately, but always felt like our relationship had a reset button when he returned. It was like being 16 all over again, with butterflies in my tummy I was so excited to see him!

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About McCormack's on the Move...



McCormack's on the Move started as just my YouTube channel. We went on a 3 week holiday to Florida and I took Scott's Gopro. I didn't even look at the footage for 3 months, but when I did, I could already see the changes in Dex! I also felt pretty proud watching our 3 year old paddle boarding, loving life at the beach. I knew filming my family was a new passion right then; to capture him at every age, to ensure our family can still watch Dex grow; be part of our new life, and for Scott to watch when hes away and missing us. The blog came a bit later. I've always loved writing and wanted to share our story. I've relied heavily on blogs to gain knowledge and confidence in our decision, so wanted to give it a try myself. At 5 years old, Dex won't remember this that well. I love thinking of him having a diary of events he can read, in the hope he will understand why we chose to leave the UK and start a new life down under.

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