How to help your little one settle to sleep when you've been newly posted

There's a certain time of year when chaos abounds in some military homes...boxes are scattered across the floor, tubs of magnolia paint are purchased, and a decision is due regarding whether the vintage weighing scales left to you by Aunt Gwen really need to travel with you to yet another home. 

Getting posted can be a huge upheaval, whether it's to the next county or the other end of the country...or even abroad. And sometimes it's the littlest members of the family who feel it the most; babies and young children may struggle to adjust, particularly at night.

To try and take away one of the stresses that a new posting can bring, we asked Emily from Fox and the Moon Infant Sleep Services to chat to us about how you can help your little one settle in a new environment.

Hear what she has to say...

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