Clyde Anchor Silver and Rope Bracelet in Navy Blue

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We love this Clyde Anchor Silver and Rope Bracelet in navy blue. Not only was it designed and skilfully handcrafted in Great Britain from quality materials, but it's one size fits all; the rope extends or tightens to suit your wrist size, making it a great gift for men and women.

Navy blue Marine Grade rope (3mm diameter) is combined with a solid sterling silver lifebuoy clasp and drop anchor to truly epitomise the sea. The joining of the lifebuoy and anchor gives the wearer a sense of balance and harmony (one floats, the other sinks) well as ensuring this accessory sits securely on the wrist.

To take the bracelet on or off, simply slide the one adjustable knot around the rope to make the loop size smaller or larger. Once set, keep the loop size consistent and simply slide the latch within the clasp and feed the rope into or out of the toggle.