Clyde Anchor Silver & Leather Bracelet in Coal Black

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If the Clyde Anchor Silver and Leather Bracelet in brown doesn't do it for you, what about this black version? Designed and handmade in Great Britain using genuine natural leather and solid sterling silver, it's a statement piece for the understated.

Its minimalist design helps the silver anchor and lifebuoy take centre stage, but the square-shaped leather gives this bracelet its charm: one side is smooth and flat, the other ruffled and fibrous. An excellent accessory for seafarers, explorers, or those who simply love the beach.

The leather can extend or tighten to suit your wrist size, so this bracelet is one size fits all. Simply slide the one adjustable knot around the leather to make the loop size smaller or larger. Once set, keep the loop size consistent and simply slide the latch within the clasp and feed the rope into or out of the toggle. Easy.