Engraved Handwriting Cufflinks

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Capture precious memories and keep them forever. This is the ultimate personalised gift for men - silver or rose gold square cufflinks with your choice of engraving, whether it's handwriting or a small drawing by you or the children. The ideal sentimental present for an important occasion such as a pass out ceremony or promotion. 

Your cufflinks will arrive in an eco-friendly cufflink box unless you choose to upgrade to a deluxe box which comes with an engraved message.

Size: 17mm x 17mm. 316 polished stainless steel engraved with your own handwriting or drawing.

--- Own Handwriting Instructions ---

1. Take a blank piece of paper and write/draw what you would like engraved. Top tip: draw a square first and make sure your message remains inside the square.

2. Take a photo of your creation and email it to arabellajones.sales@outlook.com along with your order number.

3. That's it! We will do the rest. 

--- Own Handwriting Guidelines ---

- Please take a clear picture of the image. Plenty of light and not blurry. Scan or photograph is fine.

- Make sure the picture taken is close up but still in focus.

- For this item, we recommend 4 words maximum per cufflink. We can engrave more but the engraved words will be smaller.